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Name:Dean Winchester
Birthdate:Jan 25

Dean WinchesterVerses

Name: Dean Winchester

Birthday: January 24, 1979

Samuel Winchester (brother)
Adam Milligan(brother)

Winchesters Plus One:
Mikaela Samantha Ford Winchester (daughter)

SPN_SWS Verse:
Serena Dana Winchester (sister)

Mary Winchester (mother)
John Winchester (father)

Other Important People:
Jessica Moore
Winchesters Plus One:
It’s been barely even a month since the end of the Apocalypse and Dean is currently settling into a nomad lifestyle desperately clinging to his brother. There is little he’s sure of at this point, but he knows two things. He needs his brother to stick around… and that he has a daughter that no one thought to tell him about. Now he has to learn to balance ‘life after the apocalypse’, his feelings for his brother, and the slow going process of learning how to be a father.

Archangels' Fall:
This story line picks up after "Sympathy For the Devil" with a whole new twist. Where Sam and Dean are the ultimate vessels, they aren't necessary for Michael and Lucifer to walk around. Now it's up to the arch angels to decide if they want to really have it out or not... only neither party seems to want to fight the other. So Dean and Sam will have to lay low and figure out if heaven and hell will call to collect.

This is an alternate universe where Dean goes to see Sam before the events of the pilot. Getting hurt on a hunt, he goes to find his brother because he just wants to see him. Only to find that Sam's not alone anymore. In order to keep Sam's secret safe from Jess, he tries to leave, only she follows him. In the end, Jess stumbles into their life because what Dean thought he killed didn't stay dead. Now maybe the one he should worry more about how Sam is going to react.
Winchesters Plus One | The Reasons Why: Dean | The Reasons Why: Christine | How it Began

Archangels' Fall | Sam Winchester | Michael | Lucifer | Chuck | Gabriel

Personal Journal | Fan Fiction Journal

This is a roleplaying journal only for personal use. (Primarily for a private rp. Canon will be current in other roleplaying scenarios.)
Disclaimer: I own nothing Supernatural or anything relating to Jensen Ackles.
Mun is over 18... god I feel old.

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